Last week, I faced a strange issue when I worked for one of the client and 2 of their users were not able to login into Salesforce. They were getting incorrect user id/password error though they tried with the correct user name and password.


Raised Reset Password request and they changed the password by following the instructions given in the email sent by Salesforce. Then, they logged out and tried log back in with the correct user name & password, system didn’t allow them to get into it. It has thrown incorrect user id/password error.

Strangely, the login history didn’t show anything for userid/password error (the login attempts user tried after the password reset).

I tried logging into Salesforce using their logins in my machine and I have got the same user id/password error even with the correct credentials.


I raised a case with Salesforce and they have shared the following Knowledge article:


The issue in our case was that the user name created for those 2 users in question were having trailing spaces at the end of the username. After we corrected the username and set the new password, they were able to login into Salesforce successfully.

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