Who am I?

My name is ManiBalan and I am working as a Salesforce Developer in a medium scale company based out of Sydney, Australia. I have been in CRM for the past 16+ years and having work experience in Siebel and Salesforce CRM packages. I have got the following Salesforce Certifications:

a. Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI16)
b. Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
c. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

Please contact me at https://sfdceverywhere.com/contact-me/ for any Salesforce Technical/Functional queries and I will try to answer them asap and of course it will be a free consultation!

This blog is only for knowledge sharing with the technology community. The views expressed in this blog is not of my employer’s, it’s only my personal view based on my learning and knowledge sharing.


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