If Lead status is other than Qualified, don’t show Convert Button in Lead Page.


Again, we want to achieve this functionality only through Configuration(Point and Click) and not through Visualforce/APEX.

Steps are as follows:

1. Create 2 Record types as “Non Qualified Lead” and “Qualified Lead” for a Lead object under Customize -> Leads -> Record Types. Screenshot is given as below.

Lead Record Type

2. “Non Qualified Lead” will be set as default for all the profiles under Manage users->Profiles as per the below screenshot and “Qualified Lead” will not visible to any profile.

Default Record type

3. Create 2 different Page Layouts, one with Convert button displayed and other one without Convert button.

4. Create two workflows as given below.

The first workflow updates the Lead record type from “Non Qualified Lead” to “Qualified Lead” when a lead status gets changed to Qualified.


The other workflow does vice versa.i.e. Change the Lead Record type to “Non Qualified Lead” when a Lead Status is not equal to Qualified.


If we had a requirement to restrict Lead Conversion(though show the Convert button in Lead Page) process by showing an error message when user clicks on Convert in Lead Conversion Page, we would have written the following Validation rule under Lead Object as given below:

AND( IsConverted, NOT( TEXT( PRIORVALUE(Status) ) = “Qualified”) )

IsConverted field returns true for a Converted Lead else return false.
PRIORVALUE returns the previous value of the field.

This Validation rule will throw an error as given in Error Message field, if the previous value of the field Status not equal to Qualified and IsConverted=True.

Validation Rule

Please share your comments/suggestions on this.