Welcome to my first post!

In this post, I will explain how we can populate Opportunity record type with Lead record type by using Configuration.

Record types allow us to offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users.


Lead has record types (lets say Sales and Support) and the same record type is there for Opportunity too. When a lead is converted to Opportunity, based on the lead record type, Opportunity record type need to be set. For example, when a Sales lead is converted, it should create only Sales Opportunity.


No trigger/apex code is required and the desired functionality can be achieved through configuration.

Steps are as follows:

a. Create a Formula field (say rectype) in Lead object with the value as RecordType.Name and set the return type of the field as Text. This will store the record type of the lead.
b. Create a text field (say Lead rectype) in Opportunity object to store Lead Record type.
c. Click on Map Lead fields under Lead Object->Fields. Map the field created in step a to the Opportunity field created in step b.
d. Create a workflow rule under Setup->Create -> Workflow & Approvals to set Opportunity record type(for example to Sales).
1. Evaluation criteria – Set it to “Evaluate the rule when a record is created”. we want the rule to fire every time when a record is created.
2. Set the rule criteria as Opportunity: Lead rectype equals Sales.
3. Add Workflow action as New Field Update. Field to Update as Opportunity: Opportunity Record Type and specify new field value as Sales.
4. Remember to activate the workflow as its not active by default. This can be done by going to Setup->Create->Workflow & Approvals-> click on Activate for the workflow created in step d.

Please share your comments/suggestions.